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Working with Ralph "The Expeditionist" is going to be different from other advisors Each traveler has their own unique vision, and Ralphs Motto of "once size fits one" really makes a difference when he is curating your special safari vacation. Many people travel for different reasons, he’s going to ask you two very important questions when planning a trip to Africa:

Why do you enjoy traveling?

What kind of a traveler are you?

You will enjoy his personal hands-on knowledge and expertise from traveling to Africa for over 20 years, making this experience a lot of fun and very easy. You will have so much to look forward to.

Inspirations when I design any itinerary

I like to feel the soul of a property and the destination. I personally don’t want to travel like a goldfish in a bowl, I’d rather feel free to swim in the big ocean. I want to create an itinerary that gives the client the freedom to go “touch it”. Traveling offers so many opportunities for exploring new foods, cultures, wines, local traditions. There is something to be said for sharing a local tradition or experience that is found no where else, enjoying that “sense of place” in an authentic way. I also love traveling with those who have an intrepid soul and are true explorers at heart.

Travel DNA My travel DNA always supports conservation and sustainability. I believe one hand washes the other. Tourism is the perfect tool allowing me to continue to build awareness with conservation and sustainability. My travel itineraries always include these three key ingredients: Authentic, innovative and memorable.

Travel to Africa is always a life changing experience. Most travelers return many times over. Many people travel for different reasons. Planning a trip to Africa can be somewhat intimidating and very overwhelming, leading to many questions.

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Here are a few frequently asked Questions:

Africa is a huge continent with many incredibly beautiful inviting countries. Let’s figure out when your schedule allows to visit first.

Each destination offers their “peak” time which is the busiest period. You will find the prices at their highest rates during this time due to the demand. You will find if you are somewhat flexible, shoulder or green season offers incredible value, isn’t as busy of a period and will still find incredible game viewing opportunity.

I read about so many accolades like “world’s best”. I can tell you the difference between many suppliers in the market depending upon which countries you are visiting. Some companies are well established in a destination that offers seasoned employees, others are newly establishing their foot, or want to establish themselves. There are also companies who do not work with certain camps or lodges for different reasons. There are different clients who travel with different safari companies as well. I understand and can tell you the differences and will use a specific company based upon the individual needs of the traveler(s) or family. One size fit One.

Some safaris I work on have a private escort or host throughout the entire trip depending upon the level of service or level of comfort of the client. We will discuss your specific needs and wants.

We will consult with most current information from the CDC , we will also be sure you have the entry requirements. Some regions in Africa are now malaria free, others no longer require yellow fever if you are coming from an area that does not have yellow fever prevalent.
If you are going to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda to trek for the Silverback Gorillas, you will still need a negative covid test prior to trekking. We do not see this changing anytime soon soon. This action is to protect the endangered Mountain Gorilla population. Gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda are $1500 and non refundable.

This depends on your citizenship and which country you are visiting. There are new changes offering multiple country visas, such as the East African visa allowing visits to Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda on the same visa. We will consult with you on what is needed and assist you through the process.

Today, airlines are operating brand new aircraft with the latest long haul luxury seats in their premier classes of service on new routes from the United States. United and Delta now offer Newark, Washington, and Atlanta direct to Johannesburg and Capetown. Kenya Airways now has nonstop from JFK to Nairobi shortening the length of the overall trip by many hours. There are stop over options in Europe, Doha or Dubai. We will determine which is the best route and fare depending on your needs.

If you are on an itinerary which uses a light aircraft, then there will be a limit. Small light aircraft land on dirt airstrips and have limited storage and weight limits. Below is an example of a Cessna’s storage compartment.
Accommodation Styles & Choices

Accommodation Styles & Choices

  • Traditional Safari Camps
  • Lodges
  • Mobile Camps
  • Fly Camping
  • Sleep outs
  • Villas and Homes (private guides and Chefs)


  • We offer private vehicles with each of our itineraries (Subject to availability)
Styles of Safaris

Styles of Safaris

  • Multi-Generational Family , Kid Friendly
  • Adult Only
  • Romantic Safari
  • Exclusive camp buy outs / Private itineraries
  • Flying Safari
  • Bush Weddings
  • Customized Groups

Be Active, I love to suggest camps and destinations which have plenty of choices and options in addition to game drives.



  • Walking in the Wild
  • Horseback
  • Camel
  • Fat Bikes
  • Boats & Mokoro
  • People & Cultures
  • Quad Bikes
  • Helicopter
  • Balloon
  • Whale Watching
  • Game Viewing from a blind or hideout
  • Photography
  • Surf & Sand
  • Explorer Safari
  • Great Migration
  • Primate Safari , Gorilla Trekking, Chimpanzee, Golden & Colobus Monkey



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