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I welcome the opportunity to work with new clients. My process is very easy. We start with a simple “getting acquainted” survey followed up with a meeting to discuss your vision. During the meeting I want to understand your expectations, share my portfolio of suppliers, and if a fit, then a strategy for your plans. I believe working side by side as partners through the process will result in an incredible first trip.  If we both are happy, then we can take the next step and explore an invitation to my annual subscription.

Fees: From $250 per hour with travel departing more than 120 days from when we begin the process. 119 days or less from $300 per hour. Each meeting prior to booking any travel I will assess the amount of time needed to complete your trip, I don’t like clients to worry or fee like the “meter is running”.

What if I’m booking a cruise or tour that is prearranged? Escorted or Group travel that is already organized will require picking the right supplier, itinerary and departure date, airfare, guest registration, shore excursions (if a cruise), dining, spa, a personal itinerary to be built to keep all of your information organized and in one place, travel insurance options, as well as flight monitoring, following your journey, and a debrief upon your return.

We will happily supply you with a record of our time spent on your trip.

Why do you charge Fees when we can just book the trip ourselves?

There are many options available to you when making travel plans today. Many travelers do not understand how our financial model works. The travel industry requires the travel advisor to do 100% of the work upfront and then a commission is sent to the travel agency 60 to 90 days after the clients depart. The commission that arrives does not compensate for all the work involved prior to, or during your trip.  We are there for you, we are your advocate.   We spend a lot of time consulting, choosing the right destinations, creating the perfect itinerary. There are visa and inoculation requirements, research, we pick the right brands, offer the choices of accommodation based upon your budget and personal taste. We keep ever changing flight schedules organized, help you with all the different fares, new aircraft seating configurations and aircraft types, ticketing, reticketing when cancellations happen and assigning seats. We also keep up with your passport, loyalty and global entry/TSA for our supplier. We Assist with booking your dining, shows, complete your suppliers guest registrations, present travel insurance options and issue the policy. We create custom private tours, consult and book shore excursions, tours, communicate with suppliers on your behalf. We manage the entire booking, creating an organized travel itinerary with every detail in one place. We ensure you have the full trip right at your fingertips accessible 24/7. We ensure you are prepared for your journey and assist if your flight is delayed. We assist with connection issues and we follow you throughout your journey. Upon your return, we have a debrief ensuring everything met or exceeded your expectations.  Life happens when you travel, nothing is perfect, and most importantly, we are your advocate.

Annual Travel Subscription

I believe TRAVEL IS PERSONAL. This service is very different from a traditional transactional travel agent model. The investment made getting to my clients takes more than one trip together. Over the years, we will take an amazing journey of growth together. We become very close through this process. There are so many variables when we create a custom-tailored trip. My philosophy is “one size fits one “. Along the way, we discover and learn many new things that really add to your travel experiences. Custom tailored itineraries are very special. They can be quite time consuming, and I want to ensure that my three key ingredients go into each trip: I want each trip to be Authentic, Creative and most of all Memorable. Each Subscription is customized setting aside the right amount of time to accomplish our travel goals with my client’s specific travel needs in mind. We start with 20 hours upfront to be used in one calendar year.  My clients enjoy personal, high-end concierge service. I spend dedicated time assisting the client with investing in the right experiences I know are just for them.  This comprehensive service can include exploring, creating, executing and managing your travel bucket list.  I also have a guardian angel behind the scenes 24/7 emergency service while traveling.

Group departures

On occasion, I will host a group departure. If you are active and adventurous, I’m excited to have you join one of my expeditions or safaris.

My expertise is with luxury travel, including Expedition Cruising, Private jet Expeditions,  Resorts, Safaris, Small luxury cruising. Check out my Virtuoso Travel Bio here.

Accolades and Affiliations

  • Conde Nast Traveler, top travel specialist 2020, 2021, 2022
  • Travel & Leisure A-list 2003, 2004
  • Virtuoso Cruise Icon, Top producer with Silversea
  • Lindblad Expedition Specialist
  • Advisory Board Butterfield & Robinson
  • Virtuoso Member, independent consultant with Travel Experts
  • Travel Institute CTA – Certified Travel Associate, LS- Lifestyle Specialist, DS- Destination Specialist

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