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Have you ever asked yourself, "why do I want to travel?”

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to all seven continents and over 80 countries. Traveling has been the most rewarding experience I could ever have. I travel because I need to. Because my wild, adventurous spirit can't live according to the "norm". I travel to regroup, reinvent myself, be the best me I can be, and find joy in the ordinary and find peace in exploring. I travel to be.

I started traveling as a small boy in 1977 when we flew from Great Falls, Montana, to Anchorage, Alaska, on a Northwest Orient DC-10. As a small boy, five years old, my father used to spend time with me, taking me to the Anchorage airport observation deck. We would watch all the international airlines arrive and depart. In 1977 (like today) the USSR was a no-fly zone. The aircraft then didn't have the capability to fly long range like todays modern 787’s. All the big airlines would land and refuel in Anchorage when coming from Europe to Asia or reverse. I think my father loved my curiosity, however sometimes made him crazy. I'd ask, "Where are all of those passengers coming from? Where were they going? Who were they going to see? What were they going to do when they arrived? What airline is JAL, KAL, SAS, KLM, (I knew Northwest Orient with the big red tail, Western with the big red W, and loved the Eskimo on Alaska’s tail). He exposed me to flyig in float planes, going to his friends lodges, fishing, going up close to wildlife, glaciers, mountains and Alaska’s pristine raw beauty. I will always remain "culturious" and continue to explore this fantastic world and remain committed to sustainability and conservation.

Ralph & Veronica

My professional travel career started in 1990 when I was 18 years old. I've spent this entire time traveling the globe. I’m so proud to say I’ve to all seven continents many times as well as more than 80 countries. I believe Travel gives you the best education you can ever have. With Conservation and Sustainability as my DNA from early childhood, I learned that tourism is a powerful tool that can help protect, sustain and educate, which makes a big difference in the lives of others. Later in my late 20's, I visited Jane Goodall's chimpanzee sanctuary, "Ngamba Island," on Lake Victoria in Uganda. Jane Goodall helped me be reminded of a valuable lesson. She said properly managed eco-tourism is a powerful tool to help build awareness and keep these incredible animals and cultures cohabitating. She said whatever you do in travel, remember that you have a gift to help others who can't help themselves. This resonated with me; I've been promoting conservation and Sustainability throughout my career.


Travel means different things to everyone. I ask you to ask yourself, "why do you travel "? I believe this question makes one think deeply about what they would like to have as a return on their travel investment. We can always earn more money; however, we can't earn more time, and how we spend our time really matters. When making travel plans today, endless opportunities are available to make a reservation. The difference in working with an advisor like myself provides you with a completely different perspective on the trip you will take. Having the wisdom and experience since 1990 when I joined the industry, I also believe the human connection is very powerful. A booking engine is good for making a reservation, however, an introduction to a local community project with an opportunity to better someone’s life might change yours too!

Ralph Galapagos
Enjoying Giant Tortoises in the Highlands on the island of Santa Cruz, Galapagos
The population is growing, they were once almost extinct. We saw plenty of these ancient and relict reptiles which, not all that long ago were almost gone due to overhunting and damage caused by induced animals. Thankfully the Galapagos National Park and Charles Darwin Research Station (a branch of the Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos islands, a pioneer in conservation biology in Ecuador and around the world ) we would not have had the opportunity o see as many as we did on this special day.

Perspective, Key Ingredients to create an amazing trip

When designing a unique itinerary for my clients, I combine a few key ingredients on the trip. I want to ensure the journey is Authentic, the design of the itinerary is Innovative, and most of all, Memorable. Each trip is customized based on their personal interests and wishes. We collaborate, and I will recommend and add some exciting and incredible experiences most people wouldn't know about. Curating the best-guided experience is something I take so much pride in doing for my clients. There is a lot that goes into picking the right guide. I think about the guide's education, personality, history of work, and own travel wisdom. (What is essential and what isn't based upon clients' interests). I love a trip that has a balance with insider access, incredible accommodations, and culinary adventures, is active, scenic, culturally satisfying, promotes Sustainability and the local community, and always makes an impact. In Rwanda, for example, my clients receive a "behind the scenes" private experience led by the director of the Dian Fosse Gorilla fund at the newly opened Ellen DeGeneres Campus. I like to do things a bit; differently and weave these unique experiences into hand-crafted itineraries that are delivered to our clients.

Regardless of where you go, I urge you to consider a give-back/conservation-themed experience. Of course, I am here to make recommendations and consult with you each step of the way.

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