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Working with a specialist like Ralph Iantosca is a seamless experience when curating jet travel. Ensuring safety, time and convenience is at the core of every itinerary.

During the consultation and planning process, based upon your needs and goals, Ralph will know which type of aircraft to use and for several different reasons, length of trip, destination landing conditions, number in your party and availability.  He’s able to then have the right aircraft for your journey and has access to a network over 7000 aircraft across the globe. This would include Helicopters, Turboprop, Light Jets, Mid-Size Jets, Super Mid-Size Jets, Heavy Jets, Long Range Jets and VIP Airliners.

Creating a custom tailored private itinerary can be a lot of fun. We will be partners throughout the process. You will love all the fun ideas and collaboration, working with Ralph shoulder to shoulder.

Group Luxury Jet Tours

Travel in comfort to Remote hard to reach places I the world. Enjoy White Glove Service, Enrichment, and Exclusive Access along the way

Consider traveling on a private jet expedition that has been designed to stay clear of the big airport hassle, save the time and enjoy more time in the places you want to visit.

When Ralph is meeting with you, he will explain and share the differences when choosing the right itinerary.

9 Reasons To Fly Private

  1. Experience exceptional jet charter flights.
  2. Always fly on your own schedule.
  3. We offer superior concierge services.
  4. Avoid the busy airport hustle altogether.
  5. Enjoy comfortable flights with only your guests.
  6. Don’t worry about layovers or missing connecting flights.
  7. You never have to wait for your plane to arrive.
  8. Skip the long, slow-moving security lines.
  9. Forget about arriving two hours early.


There are so many reasons to fly private! The only question is... Why not

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Regional Jet Tours
Regional Jet Tours

Focus traveling on one continent by private jet, like Around the World Jet Tours

Regional Jet Tours
Themed Jet Tours

Hotel Brand or Style - example Aman, Four Seasons, St Regis, Natural Wonders, Safari, Cultural Treasures, Golf, Food and Wine / Vineyards

Sample questions

  • How do I choose the right Trip?
  • Will I like traveling with others?
  • How many will be on this specific group trip?
  • Can I go as a single?
  • What is the difference in the A318, A321LR. Boeing 757 vs a 777?
  • What does the expedition leader take care of?
  • How do we handle packing and gratuities?
  • Is there free time?

Ready Set Jet


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