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Iantosca Travel is known for curating very high end authentic, innovative and memorable travel experiences around the world. Owner Ralph Iantosca entered the travel industry in 1990 and has been around the world many times. Take advantage of his knowledge, personal experience and expertise.

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We were trying to plan a cruise to Antarctica for 2023. Initially, we researched several cruise lines and had decided on Viking based on availability and cost. Upon further research we discovered Viking based your excursion ability on your cabin level. If you were a top tier cabin you were guaranteed a spot on the tender that went to shore in the Antarctic. The lower the cabin level ($) the less options you had for excursions. We didn't want to go all that way only to wait daily for an upper tier passenger to decide they didn't want to go to shore that day. Upon discovering Ralph Iantosca, through a relative, we were pleasantly surprised at the level of service he provided from the initial planning, extending our stay and providing travel details we might have missed. He suggested Linblad Nat'l Geo as an option for our adventure. This cruise line has area professionals that can provide a unique experience and fewer guests to crew ratio than Viking. Ralph also arranged a local tour guide for our stay in Chile. Thank you Ralph!

By Suzette Foster

This trip was designed for us to experience the maximum delights in the small expanse of three weeks. We were met at every transfer by a guide or driver, and never left to our own devices to find our way around. Ralph made reservations at all possible wonderful sites and restaurants, and is extremely knowledgeable about his subject! This trip was everything we wanted and more. And it was planned in the right order--we did the most energy-intensive parts first, then wound down with the 3 nights on the Zambezi Queen at the end, to relax. I would recommend Ralph (and did) any time!

By Mary Toole

Outstanding 1st Adventure with GoGirl Travel 

We visited Spain & Italy during early March 2017 and were absolutely delighted with everything Ralph Iantosca and the GoGirl Travel staff did to make our first trip to Europe something we'll never forget. The tours and guides arranged for us were outstanding, and the restaurant recommendations were also stellar. The couple of minor hiccups that occurred were addressed immediately with complete satisfaction. This was a 5-star trip organized by a 5-star travel agency. I couldn't recommend them more for people that want to travel in style and be pampered along the way.

By Frisco Travelers

Very good. He is organized and easy to talk to.

By Tom

Ralph is an expert on African safaris. The trip was well planned and we had to opportunity to stay at 3 camps with different terrains. Travel coordination was excellent.

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